Our Values

We believe that being open, honest, and authentic yields stronger relationships, so we do our best to tell it like it is and to match our words to our actions. Sometimes that means a little tough love with our clients, but we do so only to produce the best results.

Having worked in the nonprofit world, we know that one of the weaknesses of consultancies is the challenge of actually applying their work to the organization. We believe in being practical from start to finish – we want the consultancy itself to be realistic and the results to be easily applied and used. We always strive to be realistic, grounded, and balanced so the client gets something that really works.

The work you do is important and the problems you face are serious, but we believe that we are more effective when we enjoy our jobs on a regular basis. So we always infuse some humor, creativity, playfulness, and enjoyment into our work. After all, just because we take the work seriously doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves seriously, right?

The problems we’re trying to solve are complex, interconnected with a host of other issues like that puppy in the toilet paper commercial. Well, we don’t want to make things any harder. Just the opposite: we want to make them easier. So while we may have to sort through the complexity at first, in the end we believe in finding the simple and straightforward solution. We work to cut through the mess and get to the heart of the matter.

Cliché but true: no man is an island. We know that we can achieve more by working together, and that’s why we value collaboration. We strive to bring people to the table, engage our colleagues and clients, and build authentic relationships wherever we go. We put our egos and fears aside so that we can produce the best work – and the best work experience – possible.

From our projects to our daily interactions, we believe in being thoughtful. This means we think before we act, we are thorough (without getting caught in analysis paralysis), and we remain focused on the task at hand. It also means we stay aware – aware of ourselves, aware of others, aware of the details and aware of the bigger picture. Being mindful helps us to work with each other and to keep things moving towards a successful end.

See how these values translate to our work.