Messaging is essential for telling your story in a clear and compelling way.

The trick to gaining more support for your cause is the ability to communicate your message effectively. But first, you need a clear, compelling message about what your organization does and what value it adds to the world. You need to craft a story about what you do and why it matters before you can share it with the world. And that’s where we come in.

Knowing how to craft your story is the key to finding funders, partners, and supporters. Messaging is the mechanism for defining your narrative and packaging it for use by your staff, your Board, and your community of support. And lucky for you, we get all excited about helping organizations to develop clear, concise, and compelling messaging that conveys their stories

At Proaireton, we work with organizations to strengthen messaging through things like:

  •      Message development
  •      Strategic communications
  •      Communications planning
  •      Communications tools
  •      Review of fundraising and marketing materials

If you need help with your organization’s messaging, then you might have trouble telling us. (Just kidding!) Seriously, drop us a line and let us know how we can help you, or just tell us your worries and we’ll help you figure out a solution.