Strategy is the foundation for focused, efficient, and effective action.

Yes, we know, strategic planning can be tiring and laborious and it can distract from the work at hand. But done well, a solid strategy can make all of your practical work easier – clearer, more coherent, and more focused.

Proaireton helps nonprofits and foundations develop clear, practical, and compelling plans. Moreover, I take a client-driven, participatory approach that brings people together in support of your plan, ensuring greater success in its implementation. 

Proaireton offers you the following services to create a meaningful, useful strategy:

  • Strategic planning
  • Theory of change development
  • Program design and realignment
  • Financial sustainability planning
  • Change management

If you’re interested in getting some help with your organization’s planning, or if you need some help but don’t know where to start, just drop me a line.