Trainings are a fantastic way to help individuals and teams be more successful.

They say it’s better to teach a person to fish than to give him a fish. So while my consulting services focus on particular projects or challenges (giving a fish), I know that it can be helpful to gain greater understanding of those challenges and their solutions (teaching to fish).

Whether you want to learn more about an issue, strengthen your skill set, or get your teammates on board with a new way of doing things, my trainings are designed to engage you and your colleagues in improving your effectiveness. I use collaborative and active learning techniques to make sure my trainings don’t turn into that class you used to sleep through during college. (Hey, we don’t blame you.) And, for in-house trainings, I tailor trainings to your specific interests and challenges so that you get the most out of each one.

Proaireton offers trainings on planning, leadership, and messaging, including:

  •      Crafting Effective Messages
  •      Creating a Winning Pitch
  •      Making Your Case for Support
  •      Empowering Staff and Board Members to Be Messengers
  •      Smart Planning for Financial Sustainability
  •      Nonprofit Business Essentials
  •      Making Meetings Work

If you think your team might benefit from some knowledge-building fun (wouldn’t we all?), contact me for more information.