Creating lasting impact isn’t easy. But it could be easier.

Proaireton makes it easier for nonprofits and foundations to achieve lasting positive change and attract more support to their causes through strategy, messaging, and organizational effectiveness.

Building your capacity for good.

It isn’t easy to attract the resources you need to make a meaningful difference in the world. It can be challenging to motivate people to support your cause when you don’t have many resources to begin with, when you have trouble explaining what it is you do and why it matters, or when your key stakeholders aren’t on the same page.

That’s where Proaireton can help. I help nonprofits and foundations to clarify their work, communicate the value of what they do, and engage and align their stakeholders to more easily achieve their missions and grow their bases of support.

Proaireton helps nonprofits and foundations to maximize their performance with the resources they have and also expand their bases of support. I offer a number of services to build an organization’s capacity:


An articulate, focused strategy can help you to maximize your impact, use resources more efficiently, and energize your stakeholders.


Attracting supporters requires messaging that clearly and compellingly explains what you do, why it matters, and what people can do to help.


Successful impact requires aligning and engaging your key stakeholders to move together towards a common vision.


Meetings should be productive, efficient, and enjoyable! Let me help you plan and facilitate your next meeting, retreat, or convening so you can make the most of your time together.


Training enables your team to do more together with a common foundation of understanding. I offer a suite of pre-designed trainings or I can design one tailored to your needs.

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